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Can you help me configure my radio to send APRS2SOTA Spots ? NO: I have only used one APRS Enabled radio (and that was a long time ago).

Can I use a D-Star (D-PRS) enabled radio to send Spots ? As far as I know there is no method to send suitably formatted APRS messages to ARPS2SOTA using D-PRS

Can I edit APRS2SOTA Spots ? APRS2SOTA does not provide any method to edit spots, they can only be changed by a SOTAwatch Admin, if the spot information is wrong then send another.

Can I delete APRS2SOTA Spots ? APRS2SOTA does not provide any method to delete spots

Are APRS 'position comments', 'location' reports or simple AX25 Beacons accepted ? NO only 'MESSAGES BULLETINS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS' (as defiend in the APRS Specification) that are sent to SOTA or APRS2SOTA are accepted by the server - it does not see any other APRS or AX25 traffic

Can JS8Call be used to send APRS2SOTA Spots ? I have not used JS8Call, but I am informed that this is possible using the following Message format:

@APRSIS CMD :APRS2SOTA:<CallSign> <Summit_Ref> <Freq in MHz> <MODE> <Comment> {001


How Can I test my access to APRS2SOTA ? You can send any of the commands as shown in Other Commands section of the User Guide, Note that the system has built in limits to how many and how often it will accept requests, after that limit is reached the system will silently ignore further requests for a period of time.

How Can I test sending Spots ? There is no facility to test sending of spots as any apparently valid spots will be sent to SOTAwatch (unless they are duplicates), however if the SOTA Reference provided is NOT valid on the SOTAWatch site you should get a response back informing you that.

What SSID should I use on APRS ? APRS2SOTA does not care what SSID you use, most stations seem to use -5, -6 or -7.

Who pays the running costs for APRS2SOTA ? APRS2SOTA was developed and is operated, maintained and entrely funded by myself (Stewart G0LGS) - the only on-going cost is that of the hosting server on which the service runs (which includes this site and my other websites)

Stewart Wilkinson G0LGS
(Last update: Sun 19th May 2024)